Lake Brunner Service Centre

When we say that Lake Brunner Service Centre is your stop for just about anything, we mean it – from Lotto tickets to WOFs, engineering services to groceries.

Lake Brunner’s ON THE SPOT – your one stop convenience store and LOTTO outlet.

Our many services and products attract locals and travellers alike, and we’re always happy to be of service.  So whether you’re after a bite to eat, postal services, car repairs, boat repairs, petrol, diesel, fishing supplies, and more – you know where to turn.

A well-stocked dairy for all your groceries and treats, fishing rods and tackle, motoring needs and LPG bottle filling, ropes for towing the biscuit behind the boat, we even stock the biscuits!

Top up your grocery items, enjoy a drink and grab a paper or some food to go – fresh homemade sandwiches and rolls available daily. You can treat yourself with an ice cream, chocolate bar or any of the large range of confectionary items.

You will find many of the grocery brands you recognise in the supermarkets for those times when you really need them. Add to that service with a smile and you have a winning convenience solution. On the Spot’s are locally owned and operated serving the local communities needs.

Open 7 days: 8 am – 6 pm, 7 pm on Saturdays.

Summer Hours: 8 am – 8 pm Boxing Day – Waitangi Weekend.

AA Roadside Assist and MTA Assured.

West Coast Leading Light Business Excellence Awards Finalist

2013 Retail – 2015 Trades


Address: 2137 Arnold Valley Road, Moana
Phone: +64 3 738 0029
Fax: +64 3 738 0027